Meet the Staff – Executive Chef

This is Jarrod Lane. He is our one of our Owners, Executive Chef and “Culinary Chieftain”. He has worked in kitchens almost his entire life, from washing dishes in a  local BBQ restaurant where he grew up, to catering on his own.  He had his culinary training at Metropolitan Community College in Omaha, NE and has associates degrees in Culinary Arts, Hospitality Management and Entrepreneurship. During his training, he was able to spend about 2 months interning at 2 different restaurants in Italy, as well as visiting Thailand and Japan on a culinary school trip. He grew up all over The South, born in Texas and moving to North Carolina, Georgia, Florida and finally ending up here in Nebraska in 2010. Jarrod has been affectionately called ‘the old man’ enjoying a cigar and whiskey on the front porch in a cardigan sweater. You might also find him oiling his leather bag or cowboy boots, or drinking sweet tea and watching tv with his wife. Jarrod is looking forward to being able to share some of his Southern and Italian roots with you at Well Seasoned.


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